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Our biggest seller it's on everyone's list as a base for all your needs. The OG of Hotty Totty line up living up to its name being the Climax to every award-winning story.
Rib Rub
Brining a unique flavor combining both tomato, and vinegar. Along with some secret spices to balance the acidity making a sweet sauce.
Designed for Brisket, but made famous on steaks. Blending salt, pepper, onion, garlic, along with secret blend.
Our XX product is a perfect blend of herbs and spices with a little kick at the end, it appears to be spicy out of the bottle, but don’t let that fool you. We used jalapeno powder which when heated mellow out to produce just a kick at the end.
Talk about an award winning rib rub. Look no further this rub has been taking home all the trophies.
Adding that extra pepper taste, and color to your steaks, as well as pork. .38 Special is really good on everything. 
If you would like to have our products in your store, please contact us!
.38 Special
Bovine Delight
Sweet Southern Shine BBQ Sauce
Sweet Chipotle
Holy Moley
Climax XX 
Climax AP
With a unique smoke/grill flavor for cooking inside on the stove top or oven, but doesn’t overpower typical grill or smoked foods. This product has acquired a name as “ Ribeye in a Bottle” Even useful when cooking any meats, fish, veggies and especially appetizers and dips.
The New Kid on the Block brings a balance of sweetness, and heat from Chipotle peppers. Goes on anything has been able to take over the seasoning world winning every where.